In West Styria with its soil over bed rock an especially characteristical quality of wine can be found. The "Schilcher". The Schilcher has become an international known rare wine. This fact is caused by the extraordinary care referring to quality shown by its wine-growers. To describe the "Schilcher" you could use the following key-words: outstanding, full of character, traditional, Western-Styrian, light rose-coloured, inimitable, racy, classic, original;

Colour: onion-skin to ruby; 
from Eibiswald to Ligist all varieties can be found.
Smell: tenderly spicy bouquet, during its youth reminding of strawberries.
Taste: lively, fresh, fruity; with racy acidity, harmonious and favourite dry.
Origin of the vine: The blue "Wildbacher"vine has probably already been grown 400 before Christ by Celts in today's Styrian terrain.
Ampelography: The wood is thin and has the colour of chestnuts. The buds force quite early. The cluster is mostly small, has bright shoulders and looks sometimes cylindrical. The berries are tightly grown, small, round, juicy and have a thin skin.
The "Blue Wildbacher Vine" was classified in 1842 and is not an engrafted vine.
Time of ripeness: in the middle of October.
favourite vineyard site: The Schilcher wants very good, warm sites. This wine develops its unique bouquet only when grown on soil over bed rock consisting of gneiss and slate.
Growing area: The Schilcher develops best in the west-Styrian hilly country up to 600 m.
Protection of variety and origin: Only wine which is solely made of the "Blue Wildbacher vine" grown in Styria is allowed to be called Schilcher.
Wine: Because of its freshness which is caused by the typical bouquet the Schilcher should be drunk as long as the wine is young. Sometimes varieties of the Schilcher which are white or red can be found.
The classic West-Styrian Schilcher
In Styria a long lasting tradition of viticulture can be found and its quality is well known within the EC. Among the many well known wine-varieties the Schilcher ranks high. There is no other wine which is as rooted with a countries history as this wine-speciality with the Styrian history. The first time the Schilcher was mentioned in writing was in the wine-book of Johann Rasch in 1580. Since this time the "Schillerwein" has appeared in every cellar book of Styrian estate and monastery. In the 1970ies the Schilcher has received a fresh impetus. This is due to the "association to protect and support the classic west-Styrian Schilcher". This association provides statistics about the Schilcher's yield by using the official viticulture land register and checks the yield quantity of each member-company. Authorised experts check the origin of the vine and inspect and taste the bulk-wine. In addition to the peremptory proof of the registered number for "Qualitätswein" , the wine is tasted anonymously by a tasting panel. Only then the quality label "White Horse" is conferred, which guarantees origin and quality to the consumer.

Why "White Horse"?

Symbol for the Schilcher is the White Horse, which has lead through the west-Styrian history from the beginning up to now:
already the Celts used a horse as heraldic animal.
he so called "Hengistburg" was the main citadel during the Styrian beginning.
finally the stud-farm of the famous "Lippizaner" is situated in Piber and together with the Schilcher the sign-board for west-Styria.

The totally different experience of Schilcher

In order to present friends of Schilcher the whole variety of West-Styrian Schilcher marked by the quality-label of the "White horse" in one place, a fine wine merchant was established in the so called "Schilcher-Stöck'l" in Rassach. There in its comfortable sale-room you can taste the different Schilcher-wines and then even buy the one or the other bottle of it.
Just call for commented wine-tasting.
Opening hours: Tue to Fri, 2 - 6 p.m., Sat and Sun 10 - 12 a.m. and 2 - 6 p.m. 
Mon closed. Closed from Jan 1st to March 19th.
Fine wine merchant "Schilcher Stöck'l", 8510 Stainz, Rassach 25; Tel/FAX: 03463/4333

A taste conquers the palate of experts!
A wine like country and people!

The Lippizaner are a synonym for singularity, originality and quality.
All of them are special characteristics for this exquisite wine.
The label of the "White horse" guarantees origin and quality of the classic West-Styrian Schilcher.